With the advent of mankind on earth there arose a need to establish smooth social order for humans to find out their purpose in life and their need for existence. This ultimately led to the emergence of religion and culture.

According to archaeological sources, the first civilization dates back to 2500 BC with its root in the Sindhu Valley. Since then, we not only have a very rich heritage but are also at the top of the pack when it comes to Vedic and religious rituals.

The Pooja Shop is one giant step in the preservation and widespread availability of this unmatched heritage. We strive to uphold our legacy.

On our online and offline stores, you’ll find authentic hand made artifacts and decorative items along with all your pooja needs. Be it our hand picked samagri kits or a shiny gold plated brass idol, we deliver it at your doorstep.


Ritvij Pathak
Founder / Managing Director

Kamal Ji