Looking to perform a Pooja but cannot find the right Pandit to do so?

Let TPS help. After rigorous interviews and rejections, we now have a network of over a thousand well versed pandits who can perform all sorts of Pooja for you.

For those who are too religious or choosy and need a specialist, we provide special one on one interaction with the pandit before confirming the deal. What’s more! We do not charge anything for this special service!

Simply fill the adjoining form and our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

What happens when you fill the form?

  • A confirmation email is sent to you verifying your details.
  • A TPS representative will call you and gather details about the pooja and venue.
  • If you are satisfied, we give you the details of the pandit, the background, the qualifications etc.
  • Once you confirm, we share your details with our pandit.
  • The Pandit will perform the rituals.
  • Dakshina is solely based on mutual understanding between you and the pandit and TPS has no part in it whatsover.

Need a Pandit?

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